Schools In! Operating for Today - Planning for Tomorrow

Schools In! Operating for Today - Planning for Tomorrow

About the Event

Get ready for the bell with School’s In, a Cambro hosted virtual event kicking off the year for school foodservice professionals, showing off solutions and the latest industry trends. Expert guest speakers from different avenues in the industry will share their best practices and tips on introducing innovation to your program. Register for FREE now and be automatically entered to win $3,000 for your school meal program. All entries receive a complimentary t-shirt and hat with registration to dress for the occasion.


Let's Create the New Normal!
Equipment Purchasing and Specification
Equipment Standardization, Energy Efficiency & Technology
What You Need to Know when Designing a Kitchen
How to Market Your School Through Social Media
10 Strategies to Increase Student Participation
Program Services, Rebates, and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend the event?

The event is free and does not require any payment.

What is the preferred web browser for this event?

Google Chrome is the preferred browser and the event will be accessible on all devices including smart phones. It is recommended you view and interact with the sessions via a laptop/desktop.

How do I register for the Cambro School event?

Registration is open, please click here to register.

Where will the event be held?

This is an online event.  You can participate anywhere that you have Internet access.  The event will go live on June 16th at 7:00am PST

How do I login the day of the event?

Your login information is the email address and password you registered with.  If you do not remember your password click the "Forgot Password" button when logging in.

How long will the keynote presentation be?

The keynote presentation will be just over 1 hour.

How long will each session be on average?

Each session on average is 12 minutes long.

Will I be able to take away information or brochures from the event?

Yes. Like any physical event, we will have all documents uploaded that you can download and keep.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the event?

For any event questions, please contact

Who do I contact if I need technical help?

For technical help questions please contact