Speaker Bio

Aaron Wylie

Aaron Wylie

Child Nutrition Director

Aaron Wylie, the committed Child Nutrition Director at the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District, has a unique journey that took an unexpected turn from sports and entertainment to school nutrition. Born with aspirations of leading in the dynamic world of sports and entertainment, Wylie's life took a transformative turn when his son was born, prompting a reevaluation of his priorities.

In pursuit of a career better suited for family life, Aaron Wylie made the courageous decision to take a pay cut and transition into a career in school nutrition. This shift not only reflected his commitment to providing a stable environment for his family but also revealed his adaptability and willingness to embrace change for the greater good. His dedication and passion for his new role did not go unnoticed, as he was honored with the prestigious 2020 FAME Silver Leadership Award.

Wylie's commitment to family values extends beyond his personal life, influencing his professional ethos. Prioritizing family as his top commitment, he actively engages in volunteer service, contributing to his community and fostering a sense of responsibility among his team.

An advocate for empowering leadership, Aaron Wylie encourages his team to innovate and take ownership of their ideas. Inspired by the retired director Debera Tredennick, he places great value on support and guidance within the school nutrition community. Managing the nutritional needs of a growing district, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, treating students as valued customers in their educational journey.

Wylie's strategic approach involves adopting a corporate mentality to generate revenue and reinvest it back into the nutrition program. By doing so, he believes in creating a sustainable model that ensures continuous improvement and enhanced services for the students.

The pinnacle of Aaron Wylie's career came with the unexpected but well-deserved recognition of winning the FAME award. Initially underestimating its significance, the award brought a sense of surreal excitement and camaraderie at the School Nutrition Industry Conference. This moment marked a significant milestone in Wylie's career, highlighting his dedication, leadership, and impact within the school nutrition community.

As he eyes future leadership roles within the School Nutrition Association (SNA), Aaron Wylie continues to embody the principles of family, empowerment, and innovation in his pursuit of excellence. His journey serves as an inspiring example of how personal and professional priorities can evolve, leading to a fulfilling and meaningful career dedicated to the well-being of students and the community.