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Carri Sullens

Carri Sullens

Associate Principal

With an impressive career spanning over two decades in foodservice design and operations, Carri Sullens stands as a seasoned expert in her field. Her expertise lies in crafting dynamic, energy-conscious designs that not only meet but exceed client expectations, creating spaces that engage and delight guests. Currently serving as a design leader within Webb Food Service Design’s vibrant healthcare, corporate, and hospitality studios, Carri brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence to each project.

Carri's approach to design is characterized by collaboration and meticulous attention to detail. As a leader, she ensures that all client needs are not only met but elegantly addressed, adhering to the practice's highest standards. Her leadership within the firm has contributed to fostering a design culture and work environment centered on creativity and collaboration. In this setting, Carri has successfully established a framework where all voices are not only welcomed but integral to the design process, resulting in innovative and holistic solutions.

Passionate about advancing the design profession, Carri believes in the power of teaching and mentorship. She actively engages in guiding and developing emerging talent within the firm, recognizing that nurturing the next generation is crucial for the continued success of both individuals and the entire design industry. Her commitment to mentorship extends beyond the firm, as Carri actively participates in industry-related initiatives and events, contributing to the broader growth and evolution of the design profession.

Carri Sullens' dedication to excellence, collaborative spirit, and emphasis on mentorship highlight her not only as a leader within Webb but also as a driving force in advancing the field of foodservice design. Her multifaceted contributions, both within the firm and the broader industry, underscore her commitment to creating not just functional spaces, but transformative and inspiring environments that leave a lasting impact on clients and guests alike.